Melo3D Plus : Custom Built 3D Printer + AI

Premium FDM 3D Printer with Artificial Intelligence - webcam monitoring

Premium Custom Built 3D Printer 

  • E3D Hemera paired with Nozzle X for outstanding performance
  • 32bit board running latest Marlin firmware
  • TMC 2209 stepper drivers for silent and efficient operation
  • Aluminum heated bed with glass surface and PEI sheet.
  • Huge printing volume: 300mm x 300mm x 350mm
  • IGUS bearings for precise movements

Artificial Intelligence built-in

  • Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint
  • 3D print monitoring with The Spaghetti Detective
  • Monitor your 3D printer remotely via webcam 
  • 5″ touchscreen LCD running OctoDash
Melo3D - Custom 3D Printer with AI

Print any standard 1.75mm filament. The E3D Hermera extruder paired with a Nozzle X prints PLA and PETG beautifully, but also crews through abrasives and flexible filaments suchs as TPU

Melo3D Plus + AI: Full Specifications

Premium Features

Hermera Extruder E3D Melo3D

E3D Hemera

Highly Responsive Direct Drive Extrusion System

Nozzle X E3D Melo3D

Nozzle X 

Workhorse nozzle with a lifetime replacement guarantee

Octoprint Logo Melo3D


Snappy web interface with remote control and monitoring

The Spaguetti Detective logo Melo3D

The Spaguetti Detective

Remote Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

Full Specifications

Extruder: E3D Hemera Direct Drive. A compact, dual-drive extrusion system which combines the V6 HotEnd with an all-new filament drive to form a highly responsive direct drive extrusion system – providing unrivalled performance with flexible filaments.

Hemera constrains your filament like no other HotEnd/Extruder combination. This makes flexible filaments such as TPU considerably easier to print with, and dramatically increases the responsiveness when using standard materials like PLA or PETG.

Nozzle X by E3D: Can carry heat loads of up to 450°C, and can withstand printing with abrasive filament of any kind. The new ‘polyphobic’ coating on Nozzle X helps optimize your filament flow, giving you smoother 3D prints from top to bottom. E3D is so confident in Nozzle X, if you manage to wear it out, they will replace it free of charge.

Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi with a 5″ touch screen, running OctoDash as the UI, all preconfigured on a 32gb microSD card. Artificial intelligence and remote monitoring via The Spaguetti Detective and a Rasberry Pi Webcam on a flex cable.

Base machine is ANET A8 Plus with the following hardware upgrades:

  • IGUS bearings thoughout the machine 
  • ULTEM 1000 grade PEI printing surface
  • PETG hardware modifications
  • Huge print volume: 300 x 300 x 350mm
  • 32-Bit board running latest Marlin firmware
  • TMC2209 Stepper Drivers for efficient, silent operation
  • 110/220v operation to 24V DC

Remote Monitoring

Let the AI-driven The Spaghetti Detective keep an eye out for common print failures and just keep tabs on your 3D printer, from anywhere, using a broswer or phone app.

Raspberry Pi

Featuring 5″ touch screen LCD and webcam on a long flexi-cable

IGUS Bearings

Drylin Polymer LM8UU bearings, made in the USA

Marlin 32 Bit Firmware

Running on the latest 32-bit version of Marlin firmware

TMC 2209 Stepper Drivers

Industry-proven silent and efficient stepper drivers from Trinamic

Purchase Information: Lead Time 3 weeks

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