3D Scanning Services - Custom Services

We specialize in providing high quality 3D Scanning service, either using a handheld, iPad driven 3D Scanner or using Photogrammetry.

  • 3D Scanning Services: using a Structure Sensor Pro

  • Photogrammetry: taking multiple photos and using specialized software to process


  • Clean and up and prep of digital files: for 3D printing, prototyping, digital assets for Augmented Reality.

Handheld iPad Connected 3D Scanner


With best-in-class performance, improved unit-to-unit and scan-to-scan consistency, and the reliability your project needs, Structure Sensor Pro is built from the ground up for demanding healthcare environments.

Photogrammetry – SFM


Photogrammetry, also known as SFM or Structyre From Motion, is a process that estimates 3D coordinates of surface points using multiples pictures from different angles.  We use Meshlab and Colmap

Clean Up and File Prep


We will prepare, clean-up and adjust the 3D scans into 3D files, ready for 3D printing, Augmented Reality, prototyping, model making, or whatever else the project entails

Other Services and Products

3D Modeling Services

Marceline Princess BubbleGum 3D Printed Painted Finished
Learn more about our custom character creation services; we do custom 3D modeling in Blender and ZBrush.

Premium Finish

Learn more professional painting services for 3D prints. Premium finishing and spectacular results