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Custom Make, 3D Print & 3D Scanning

Our Premium 3D Services Include:

3D Modeling Services

Marceline Princess BubbleGum 3D Printed Painted Finished
Learn more about our custom character creation services; we do custom 3D modeling in Blender and ZBrush.

Premium Finish

Learn more professional painting services for 3D prints. Premium finishing and spectacular results

Large Format 3D Printing


Giant format 3D printing, featuring Melo3D XL, a fast, large-format 3D printer. 420mm x 420mm x 450mm. (16 in x 16 in x 17 in).

3D Scanning Services


3D Scanning Services, using a handheld 3D scanner and photogrammetry. Click to learn more about 3D Scanning Services.

Custom Fabrication & Design


Custom Fabrication in addition to 3D Printing: electronics, functional prototypes, Arduino, Programming and Raspberry Pi.