Premium Finish: Professional Painting

Let us finish your 3D prints, professionally

3D printing an object is just the beginning; they usually come out with unsightly layer lines and require lots of time and attention to detail to truly finish a 3D print. Let us do this tedious work for you.

  • Prime, sand: rinse and repeat no more!
  • We get rid of layer lines for you!
  • High quality paints; we match any color

Professionally 3D Printed, Primed, Sanded and Painted

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Premium 3D Print Finish: Professionally Painted

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3D Modeling Services

Marceline Princess BubbleGum 3D Printed Painted Finished

Learn more about our custom character creation services; we do custom 3D modeling in Blender and ZBrush.

3D Scanning

We provide high quality 3D Scanning service via an iPad-driven 3D Scanner or using Photogrammetry.

Custom Make Services

We offer custom 3D printing, custom CAD design and 3D scanning. Learn more about our custom make services.