Custom 3D Services: Custom Make, 3D Print & 3D Scanning

Tell us your idea and we’ll make it reality! We offer the following custom services

  • 3D Modeling: CAD – Prototyping & Design
  • Custom Fabrication, electronics and wiring
  • 3D Scanning Services
  • Giant Format 3D Printing & Custom Finishing
  • Functional prototypes and mechanical assemblies
  • 3D Printing of specialized filaments; nylon, woodfill, carbon fiber, flexible filaments (TPU), etc.

Large Format 3D Printing


3D Scanning Services


Custom Fabrication & Design


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3D Modeling Services

Marceline Princess BubbleGum 3D Printed Painted Finished
Learn more about our custom character creation services; we do custom 3D modeling in Blender and ZBrush.

Premium Finish

Learn more professional painting services for 3D prints. Premium finishing and spectacular results

Custom 3D Printer + AI

Learn more about Melo3D Plus + AI, a custom-built 3D Printer with artificial intelligence, remote monitoring and more